How to Setup Email


Logging In:

  1. Your webmail URL should have been provided to you, but if you cannot find it, it is (yourdomain should be changed to reflect your unique domain name)
  2. Your Full email address is your username, and your password should have been provided to you.

Changing your password:

  1. Login to your webmail
  2. Click on the gear (settings) icon on the top bar
  3. Click on the blue Change Password box and follow the prompts
    1. Passwords are required to be 9 characters or longer and contain 3 of the 4: uppercase, lowercase, special character or numbers

Access a shared folder from another user:

  1. When you are in your inbox click on the Folders icon in the lower left corner
  2. Then click on Map xxx (xxx represents the folder that has been shared to you)
  3. Click Attach
  4. The folder will now show up at the bottom of your folder list when in your mail view.

Sync your email from old server to new:

  1. Login to your webmail
  2. Click on the gear (settings) icon on the top bar
  3. Click on Connectivity on the left
  4. Far right pane is Mailbox Migration, click the blue Migrate button
  5. Click on Other and fill in the below settings
    1. Server Address:
    2. Type: IMAP
    3. Port: 143
    4. Username: your FULL email address
    5. Password: Your OLD password
    6. Require SSL: Leave OFF
    7. Delete existing SmarterMail mailbox items can also be left OFF
  6. Click Start
  7. Depending on your mailbox size it can take up to an hour to sync and pull your mail over.  You will get a notification in the webmail interface when complete.
  8. Validate your folders, contacts and other information came over and notify us when complete.

Setting your email up to forward:

          ***NOTE: When you reply, the email will come from your personal email address

  1. Login to your webmail
  2. Click on the gear (settings) icon on the top bar
  3. The pane furthest to the right is titled forwarding
  4. Enter your email address in Forwarding Address
  5. Enable the Delete messages when forwarded, otherwise your mailbox will fill up and you will stop receiving mail
  6. Click Save


Adding your email to your phone or email client

General Guidance:

Every mail client and phone setup is different, so these directions are at a general level.  The important things to note is that you will need to use your full email address as your username and of course your password.  Authentication is required for both receiving and sending mail, so you may need to configure your login credentials twice in your mail client.  Additionally TLS (also known as SSL) is enabled on the server should your mail client prompt you.  The preferred option is to setup your mail using IMAP or SMTP, POP3 is only listed and enabled for older clients.  The below information along with your username and password should give you everything you need to know, we are unable to provide exact instructions due to the variety of mail clients – a quick google search should help you.

SMTP Address:
SMTP Port(s): 23 (TLS), 25 (default / TLS), 26 (TLS), 2525 (TLS), 465 (SSL), 587 (TLS), 2025 (TLS), 6025 (TLS), 6465 (SSL)
IMAP Address:
IMAP Port(s): 143 (default), 993 (SSL)
POP3 Address:
POP3 Port(s): 110 (default), 995 (SSL)